Packaged Ice is seen by the FDA and the industry as a food, not just a refrigerant. Today’s ice packages must conform to the law.

Packaged Ice must comply with FDA ingredient requirements plus the statements made on the bag and in the marketing of the product must be accurate. Any statements that can mislead the consumer about the nature or quality of the product in the bag are not allowed. While some foods are exempted, Packaged Ice is not one of them.

The FDA regulations for all food package labeling require:

  • that specific information (Statement of Identity, Net Weight, and the Manufacturer, Packer, and Distributor Information) appear in precise locations on the package
  • that the required information is readily viewable to a purchaser when the package is stacked in a retail freezer and that the required information is presented in specific ways

Statement of Identity

The Statement of Identity is FDA nomenclature for the Name of the Food. For most Packaged Ice manufacturers, the Name of the Food is ICE. As and example, if the ice you produce is made with Drinking Water, the name of the food is ICE. Even if the water is filtered water, the name of the food is ICE. However, if the ice you manufacture is made with 100% water purified by reverse osmosis, the name of the food is PURIFIED ICE.

The Statement of Identity may be expanded to use a food name that accurately describes the food by nature of ingredient process or ingredient addition. Important: Doing so requires that the name of the ice cannot be misleading and the process by which it was purified must meet Code definitions and be explained directly next to the Name of the Food in a “Made with…” statement.

The Statement of Identity also addresses the section of the law and FDA policy that indicates that the consumer must be able make accurate product comparisons and selection decisions.

Net Weight

The statement must show the net contents in both U.S. Customary System terms (pounds and ounces) and metric (grams, kilograms) terms. Metric weight can be placed first or last. Net means net: exclude the weight of all packaging in determining net weight. “The following abbreviations and none other may be employed in the required net quantity declaration: Note: Periods and plural forms shall be optional.”

  • ounce (oz.)
  • pound (lb.)
  • weight (wt.) .
  • milligram (mg)
  • kilogram (kg) gram (g)

Provide the Manufacturer, Packer, and Distributor Information

The name and location of the ice manufacturer, packer or distributor must be on packaged ice. If the manufacturer (or other listed entity) is listed — name and address — in a city directory or recognized phone book, inclusion of the street address is not required on the Information Panel. This information must be placed in a conspicuous place on the package. If the company manufactures packs or distributes ice somewhere other than the principal business location, the principal business location is used unless doing so is misleading. It is suggested that a phone number be included for ease of contact; but it is not required. A web site address may be shown on the package for consumer convenience but it does not replace the need to adhere to the requirements above.

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